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Did you know there is a connection between gum disease and your overall health? By keeping gum disease from invading your smile you could be protecting more than your oral health. However, many people ignore gum disease until it becomes painful on both your mouth and your wallet. That is why your team here at Fullerton Dental Care in Brea, California, is happy to talk to you about gum disease and how to properly defend your smile from this condition.

When it comes to gum disease, there are signs to watch out for. Some of these include bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, permanent wobbly teeth that are loose and separating from the gum line, tooth loss, tenderness, swollen gums, and even bone loss, which is why it is vital ward off gum disease.

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent gum disease. Some of these ways include brushing regularly, using a mouthwash to help rid your smile of bacteria, and flossing each day to keep food particles from causing cavities in your smile and between your teeth. The most important routine in fighting gum disease is to make an appointment with Dr. Asal Shirazi. Your semi-annual checkup is vital to keeping your smile clear and clean of gum disease.

As you can see, gum disease can hurt your smile. That is why our team is dedicated to fighting this disease and giving you a smile you can be proud of. So call us today at 714-386-7421 if you feel it’s time for a checkup. Our team is happy to help assist you in any way we can.