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Are you aware of the risks associated with teeth whitening treatment systems? Do you know which products may not be safe for use? Due to the vast explosion of society’s desire for whiter teeth, various pretenders have popped up amongst over-the-counter products. Not all products focus on enhancing your smile, as, some can even harm you. Be aware that some products used incorrectly can damage your gums and wear down your tooth enamel. Before using any over-the-counter teeth whitening system, speak with our dentist.

As an alternative to over-the-counter products, talk to our dentist about the use of an in-office whitening system. In a single professional in-office whitening session, it is possible to improve the color of your teeth by as much as ten shades. The gels are safe to use, and your whitening tray can be customized to your exact dental impression. Furthermore, the gels can target deep stains and discolorations with your teeth to enhance your smile and provide you the mouth masterpiece you’ve always desired. For more information regarding teeth whitening treatment systems, contact our dentist.

If you would like to visit Fullerton Dental Care for a tooth whitening assessment, please call 714-870-2000 to set up an appointment at our dental office in Brea, California. Dr. Asal Shirazi and our team look forward to helping you soon!