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Flossing your teeth is an important part of your oral health care, but it is often overlooked. Never neglect your flossing treatment, and make sure you are consistently doing what you can to improve your skills. Furthermore, use the appropriate products to accomplish the task of cleaning between teeth.

When using traditional threaded floss, make sure to floss your teeth every single day. Never use the same strain of thread more than once, and never use the same section of a dental thread more than once. To avoid contamination, gather a strand roughly 18 inches in length and wrap each end around a finger on each hand. For easy cleaning, move up and down the strand as necessary. Make sure to clean between every single tooth and behind the back row. If your floss is constantly tearing, switch to a shred-resistant floss such a single filament thread.

A highly effective treatment tool that you can use in the place of dental thread is a water flosser. Water flossers are interdental cleaning tools designed to clean between teeth using beams of water instead of thread. Typically, water flossers are considered easier to operate than traditional flossers and are highly recommended for older individuals and individuals who are physically impaired. To learn more about water flossers, speak with your dentist.

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