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If you wish to preserve your smile for a long time, you will need to prevent oral injury if possible. Unfortunately, smile damage occurs quite often, especially among babies who are mastering the ability to walk, kids who play roughly, and athletes involved in high-contact sports. We encourage you to take steps to prevent injury so that your teeth and gums remain in an optimal condition.

– Wear a sports mouth guard to protect your teeth while you play sports or physical activities of any kind. This provides a shield for your smile to reduce the risk of injury when you are struck hard by forceful objects or in a fall hit your mouth. Activities such as football, rugby, sledding and mountain biking all merit the use of a mouth guard.

– Wear a face mask or mouth guard in any sport where any object could fly at your face, including hockey, baseball and softball so that you don’t suffer accidental oral and facial trauma in the event that a ball or puck soars toward your face.

– Wear a helmet that includes a face guard and protects every area of your face and head during dangerous activities. This can help protect your smile and skull from oral and facial injury and severe head injuries such as concussions.

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