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Plaque scrapers, an instrument used in dental procedures to remove plaque from teeth are available in many stores. Unfortunately, the misuse of plaque scrapers and other instruments like it can cause severe damage to tooth enamel and gums. Removing plaque is important but doing so with a sharp plaque scraper should be left to the professionals.

Our dentist, Dr. Asal Shirazi, does not recommend using any kind of DIY scraping device or other deep cleaning instruments, because they are specialized medical tools meant to only be used by trained professionals. Our team of highly trained hygienists and professionals at Fullerton Dental Care in Brea, California, are here to give your teeth the high caliber professional clean that they deserve.

Dental scaling is the process of removing plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces and underneath the gum line. The bacteria in plaque release acids as they feed on lingering food particles on and between your teeth that break down your tooth enamel, which is why getting regular professional cleanings and maintaining a good oral health regimen is important.

If you are concerned about the damage that plaque may be causing your teeth, don’t try and remove it yourself with a plaque scaler, but rather come and visit us! To schedule an appointment for a cleaning or oral examination call at 714-386-7421 to speak with one of our capable staff. We are dedicated to providing quality dental care services and are eager to see you in our office soon for your next visit.